Technical Support

Given the comprehensive range of the products, the subject matter, the customer needs and the ever changing business landscape, Tosoh India's Technical Support department is always at the helm of all the activities.

The various inter- disciplinary activities carried out by the Technical Support team ensures effective interfacing with our customers, sales, marketing and support team on technical and procedural aspects of products and the methods applied.

This strategic business–focused work force continuously acts on well laid out plan, paired with clear scientific concepts and creativity to cater to specific Indian clinical laboratory requirements. There is a constant endeavor to introduce new parameters with latest technologies that can be easily adapted by Indian clinical laboratories.

Business strategy or a breakthrough technology can deliver its best, only if the Technical Support team executes the high standard Quality Assessment procedures. The team is equipped to tackle challenges, provide seamless quality solutions and support to all the concerned departments.

As a part of knowledge intensive organization, we welcome your queries and will do our best to address them.

You may reach out to our technical team at:

Telephone: +91 22 614 85200
E-mail: [email protected]