Estradiol (E2)

PRODUCT NAME: AccuBind Estradiol (E2)  
INTENDED USE: The quantitative determination of Estradiol (E2) concentration in human serum or plasma by a Microplate Enzyme Immunoassay.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Estrogenic hormones are secreted at varying rates during the menstrual cycle throughout the period of ovarian activity. During pregnancy, the placenta becomes the main source of estrogens. In women, normal levels of estradiol are reponsible for proper ovulation, conception, and pregnancy, in addition to promoting healthy bone structure and regulating cholesterol levels. Estradiol measrements aids in investigation of precocious puberty in girls, gynecomastia in men and in the differential diagnosis of amenorrhea and in the monitoring of ovulation induction. 

Method: Enzyme Immunoassay, Colorimetric
Principle: Delayed Competitive, Streptavidin-Coated Plate
Calibrators: 0 , 20, 100, 250, 500, 1500 & 3000 pg/ml
Sample type: Serum or plasma
Sample volume: 25 µl
Measuring range: 8.2 - 3000 pg/ml
Reading: Absorbance at 450 nm
Total time: 140 minutes
Storage: 2 - 8ºC
Kit Contents: Estradiol Calibrators
Estradiol Enzyme Reagent
Estradiol Biotin Reagent
Streptavidin Coated Plate
Wash Concentrate
Substrate A
Substrate B
Stop Solution
*Please refer to the product Instruction-For-Use (IFU) for complete details.